Texting While Driving


“We are facing a nationwide epidemic - 87 percent of teen drivers admit to texting behind the wheel – that’s a staggering number.  

Our DRIVE IT HOME – DON’T TXT & DRIVE’ campaign builds awareness about the consequences of this behavior affecting not only teens – but everyone who drives a vehicle. 

We are committed to promoting safe driving through early education and eliminating driver distractions.”

Jim O’Donnell, President BMW USA
Steve Late, President BMW of Austin


Teens and Texting Accident Statistics:

          Eighty-seven percent of teen drivers admit to texting behind the wheel.

          Awareness is diminished 18 percent when distracted (texting or talking on the phone). 

          Texting while driving reduces one’s reaction time at an equivalent to a blood-alcohol level of .08.

          It takes approximately five seconds to read or send a text message.  At 55 miles per hour, that’s the equivalent of driving the length of a football field.


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